Vacation and Working Out

I recently went on a week long, wonderful vacation with my family to Branson, MO.  We stayed at a beautiful place right on a lake.

Even though I was on vacation, my workout buddy wasn’t with me, and I didn’t have my weights, I still wanted to continue to workout. Therefore, I had to be creative and find things I could do while I was there with my family.

View from our condo. Absolutely beautiful!

I had planned on taking my resistance bands since those pack easily.  But would you believe, once we arrived I realized that I’d forgotten to pack them! I guess next time I should remember to look at my list when I am packing. :)  Since I didn’t have weights or resistance bands, I just had to be a little more creative in order to get some resistance training in. Therefore, I did pushups, tricep dips, crunches, and took the stairs any time there was an option.

In addition, my aunt and I decided that we would go for walks in the mornings. Great idea! One problem though: There was a huge hill that we would have to walk up if we were going to go very far. We decided that we were up for the challenge. Our walks started off at a really good pace, but then we hit the hill. Our conversation stopped and it was all we could do to make it up the hill. Talk about a killer cardio and strength workout wrapped up in one thing. My calves were on fire!

From the top of the hill looking down.

Coming down this hill was easier on the lungs than going up, but just trying to keep our bodies under control so that we didn’t have to break out into a run was tough. I wish you could see this hill in person. The pictures just don’t quite show you how steep and big it was. You can’t even see the top when you are starting up it. It’s crazy.

Bottom of the hill. Can't even see the top

What a great way to get to spend some time with my aunt and get a good workout in while I was on vacation. We had some great conversations while on our walks, except for when we were going up that crazy hill, of course. :)

Vacations can bring a much needed break from your exercise routine, but you can also keep up with some workouts if you want. You may need to make some adjustments but it’s definitely doable. If you would like some other ideas, you’ll be interested to read these tips on How To Stay Fit While On Vacation.

What other things have you found that you can do while on vacation to stay with your workout routine?