How to Find Time to Exercise

When can you possibly fit one more activity¬†into your day when there is laundry to be done, dirty dishes in the sink, and kids to chase after? You want to exercise but it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day. How can you find the time to fit in exercise?

My first thought is that you must decide if fitness and exercise are truly a priority in your life right now. Are you so ready to get fit that you will find the time? And even if you are willing, is it really possible for you?

If fitness and exercise are a priority then it does become easier to find time for it. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy to fit it into your day. You will still have other priorities and responsibilities that you will need to take care of. Sometimes exercise has to be fit in around those responsibilities. Sometimes it just needs to be “scheduled” into the day like everything else.

Here are some possibilities for times that might work for you to fit exercise into your busy day:

  1. Get up a half hour to hour earlier! Sometimes it works to get your workout in first thing so that you can continue with the rest of your day like normal.
  2. If you have little ones, maybe you can get your workout in while they are napping. You could also take them with you on a walk or if they are old enough to play at the park let them play while you workout nearby.
  3. You may be able to involve the kids in your workout. Little ones can be held during a resistance training program and be used as the resistance. Older kids might just have fun joining you.
  4. Sometimes exercise will have to be broken up into smaller chunks in order to fit it all in. You may not have an hour to workout but maybe you have 10-15 minutes that you could squeeze part of it in, and then later in the day you have some time to finish it. There is nothing wrong with breaking your workout up into 10-15 minute segments. You will still benefit from the workouts.
  5. You may have to do it later in the evening when you put the kids to bed. This doesn’t always work for everyone because it can affect your sleep. But it’s worth a try if you are serious about trying to get a workout in.

Finding time to workout can be challenging and even frustrating at times. But I don’t think you will regret finding the time. Your body will thank you down the road for making fitness a priority. There are also going to be times in life when it is extremely hard if not impossible to fit a workout in like you would want to. That’s ok. Do what you can when you can.

How do you find time to fit workouts into your busy schedules?