How Can You Stay Accountable to Your Workout Program?

Over the years I have found that the only way I will stick with a workout program is to find different ways to keep myself accountable. If I don’t have that accountability, I tend to do well for a week or two - (I once set a record at almost two months!) - before I fall off and stop being consistent with my program.

Through a lot of trial and error I have found what works best for me. Here are some tips to help you stay accountable with your workout program:

  1. The best thing that I have found to keep myself accountable is to have a workout partner. When I know that my workout buddy is counting on me, it becomes a lot harder to skip a workout. We can also be there for each other to encourage the other when one of us doesn’t really feel like working out. This doesn’t mean you have to workout together necessarily. You can have a workout partner that lives in a different town. The two of you would figure out your program and check in with each other daily or weekly to make sure that workouts are getting done.
  2. Write your goals and daily workouts down. By simply writing your goals down, you are more likely to follow through with the needed work to reach those goals. Also, when you track your daily progress it keeps you focused on your long term goal. Another easy way to “write down” your daily progress is to post it to Facebook. Through social networking you can stay accountable and gain motivation.  You may even motivate someone else to start their own fitness journey!
  3. Schedule your workouts just like you would any other appointment. Planning a specific time every day to workout will help you stay accountable. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be flexible if something comes up.  But when your workout is scheduled into your day, it is a lot easier to fit it in.

Accountability is huge when it comes to sticking with a workout program. Finding something that works for you is a must!

What have you found that helps you stay accountable to your workout program?