Les Mills Combat

The newest program that I have had the privilege of doing is Les Mills Combat from Beachbody. It is a great program and I might be slightly addicted :) . Let me tell you a little about the program:

Combat is an at home workout program designed after the popular Les Mills BODYCOMBAT classes you would find in your local gym. It is a mixed martial arts inspired program that uses aspects and movements from several different disciplines. It combines these moves, a lot of punching and kicking, with high-intensity cardio.

I find the program to be very fun. The music is great, the instructors are motivational and do an excellent job of explaining the moves. With about 1 week left I have seen my balance, flexibility, and strength improve. I’ve also lost a few pounds and several inches. Overall, I love this program and will either be starting round 2 when I’m finished or doing a hybrid with Les Mills Pump.

I feel that this can be a great beginner program. They do a great job of modifying the moves to help you ease into the workout. The program also comes with a “basics” dvd that walk you through the basic moves and explains the key things to focus on when doing them. I also think it is a great program for those that are already in good shape. It’s easy to up the intensity and the program is designed to keep it challenging for anyone.

If you have any questions about this program or any others please don’t hesitate to ask. Beachbody has great programs for every goal. Let me help you find one to fit your needs and goals.

3 Great Beginner Workouts

I want to share with you 3 great workout videos that are perfect for beginners.

Slim in 6: Reshape your body in just 6 weeks with Slim in 6®. Thousands of people have lost up to 25 pounds in 6 weeks with this breakthrough system—and you can too. This is a great program that takes just 6 weeks and is low impact. It is perfect for beginners. Debbie is motivating and great at explaining the exercises and giving you good tips.



Power 90: This is a fat burning and total-body sculpting video focused on abs, thighs, and upper body, with trainer Tony Horton. This in-home boot camp for dramatic body transformation uses Tony’s Sectional Progression™ technique, which gives you an effective workout in as little as 30 minutes!



10 Minute Trainer: No matter how busy you are, you can always find the time to squeeze in one of these 10-minute workouts. With these breakthrough workouts and the easy-to-follow eating plan which is included, you’ll lose weight, get toned, and have plenty of time left over! If you are short on time this may be the way to go. Do one video in 10 minutes. Or if you have a little extra time, do 2 of them and help speed up your results.


These are just three of the great workout dvds that I have personally used. If you are looking for some great videos to invest in to help you on your fitness journey, I encourage you to check these out.