Resistance Training – What is It?

Resistance training is any type of exercise that requires you to contract your muscles in order to push, pull, lift, or throw an object or weight. The external resistance can come in many forms including dumbbells, resistance tubing, your own body weight, or even your kids. This allows resistance training to be tailored to your needs, goals, and available equipment and space.

Resistance training will look very different for each individual based on their goals. Most resistance training programs will accomplish a couple different things but will have one main goal in mind. Some of the different goals of resistance training are to increase strength, muscular endurance, mass, or to tone up.

There are many positive benefits to resistance training.  For starters, it improves our bone density, which in turn helps us fight problems such as osteoporosis.  No brittle bones here! Resistance training also increases strength and improves our metabolism. From my own personal experience, I have also noticed that strength training increases my energy levels and improves my mood. For me, this form of exercise is a great stress reliever.

There is much to consider when trying to decide on a resistance training program. How much time do you have or are you willing to devote to training? What equipment is available for you to use? What are your goals? It is important to learn proper technique in order to get the most out of program and reduce the risk for injury. Resistance training really can be very simple and not require a lot of equipment, time, or space. That may mean you have to get a little creative, but that also makes it fun!


  1. Awesome info! I love that our strength training is improving bone density. You’re the best.


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